World War II

World War II 4×5 Kodachromes

World War II 4×5 Kodachromes

This link has been on my desktop for a while and trust me, it’s well worth checking out. These are spectacular images, most of them staged, of a variety of American workers on the job (posed) during the big gear up for World War II. The image quality is incredible; Kodachrome was amazing film for getting color right and larger format Kodachrome made for some spectacular images.

World War II: The Holocaust

World War II: The Holocaust

More of Alan Taylor’s excellent collection of World War II in Photos.

Many of us have seen numerous collections of photographic documentation of Nazi Germany’s “final solution” of concentration death camps and have little interest in seeing more. Alan Taylor is an excellent photo editor and has put together a well-captioned collection that should send chills down anyone’s spine, Jew and non-Jew.

Human beings are capable of terrible things and it’s important to look carefully at images like these to burn that idea into our brains so that we don’t find ourselves in the same place, yet again.

Given our short cultural memory, coupled with the number of people who have no clue that this ever happened, I’m not confident we won’t repeat it in one form or another.

The War

PBS has a great support site for the now ending Ken Burns film The War with background on the various people interviewed and indexed video.

The film had gotten mixed reviews but I’ve been glued to it since the start. When you compare what the US did then vs. what’s happeniing now in Iraq it’s mindboggling. It’s not only that we don’t have the recources to fight a war like we did then, we also don’t have the leadership and the will.