Word Crimes

Weird Al Yankovic is on fire. Great stuff. Both my wife and I thought it was a tad fast but in fact, it’s the right speed for its intended audience.

You should never write words using numbers, unless you’re 7 or your name is Prince.

Listen up when I tell you this: I hope you never use quotation marks for ’emphasis.’


I came across Vocabulary.com in browsing a few weeks ago and each time I check it out I play around with their vocabulary challenge. Given my background (reading problems, not a huge reader of books) one would think I’d run the other way but in fact, I’m finding the multiple choice challenge/game fun.

The site is all about building vocabulary but it also has an extremely fast dictionary for looking up words.

Today I signed up and made an account so I could keep track of my progress with the challenge and start building some word lists of words I have trouble with.

While I’m not considering retaking the SAT (at 60) I do have an interest in well-designed sites like this and how they might help anyone, with or without a reading disability improve their vocabulary. I have no idea who runs vocabulary.com but it doesn’t have advertising on it and it’s a relatively clean site.

Fun With Homonyms

Brain Candy by Scott Kim
New Media Magazine, August, 1999

1. I saw a big, brown ______ in the forest ______ his teeth.

2. Of ______ my beard is ______ — I haven’t shaved!

3. Next time you ______ me an e-mail, please use the ______ address!

4. I can’t believe I ______ ______ whole pies!

5. When you get back to your car, you will ______ that you were ______ for illegal parking.

6. All of ______ cars are parked over ______ .

7. A bird ______ up the chimney ______ .

8. “Perhaps you shouldn’t have ______ the note to a balloon,” he said with great ______ .

9. To finance the state ______ building took a lot of ______ .

10. The ______ of Egypt went to the art gallery to buy ______ of Egypt.

11. I ______ the idea of square tires has ______ future.

12. I ______ up my ______ with buttons, not zippers.