West Cornwall

Reflection in Pine Swamp

Reflection in Pine Swamp

West Cornwall, Connecticut. We hiked up to Pine Swamp to see what the beavers have been up to and the entire beaver ecosystem has been deserted, the beavers seem to have moved on. This happens when a predator moves in or they run out of easy-to-get food or both. Anyway, the place is totally overgrown and tough to walk through and I doubt we’ll be going back until there’s snow on the ground. Nice reflections though.

More ice from Carse Brook

More ice from Carse Brook

West Cornwall, Connecticut. We decided to check out the Carse Brook swamp just south of where we park for our hike to Pine Swamp beaver pond on the Appalachian Trail.

To our delight it was loaded with great ice formations and in the hour we spent there I took close to a hundred pictures.

I’m continuing to process and print images from this day and I’m very happy with them. They have a Japanese print feel to them and they look great printed large (15″ squares).

Reflection in Pine Swamp Beaver Pond

Reflection in Pine Swamp Beaver Pond

On the Appalachian Trail near West Cornwall, Connecticut. We visit this beaver pond often and it’s surrounded by trees* so when the sky is right the reflections are great.

*Beavers choose waterways to dam that have a ready supply of food (tree bark) and building materials (branches) nearby. It’s absolutely amazing how much they can change a landscape in such a short amount of time, building lodges, dams, and food supplies so that generations can live in one place, continuously improving it.

Sunday walk on the Appalachian Trail

Southern Berkshires

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut. David and Loren hiked north on the Appalachian Trail from Kent to Cornwall Bridge leaving a car in Kent. I drove to Cornwall Bridge and hiked south to meet them and then we doubled back and I drove them to their car. I was on my own so brought bigger camera gear and tripod to attempt better shots of these hills.

Something about the two textures: grass and trees looked interesting to me. Nice to have a decent camera and lens to attempt to capture detail.