Bear Rock Creek

Bear Rock Creek

Bear Rock Creek crosses the Appalachian Trail two miles north of the Connecticut/Massachusetts border in Massachusetts.

I was inspecting one of the two sections I maintain on the Appalachian Trail and since I had my new Fuji X100F with me I decided to try out its ACROS filter on the falling water on this creek.

I’m still getting used to the camera but I do like it and while it’s bigger than the others I prefer to carry on hikes, it’s possible to carry it in a padded bag on one of my pack’s shoulder straps.

These images are almost straight out of the camera; I pulled the highlights down a bit to show more detail in the white water.

Bear Rock Creek

Bear Rock Creek

Bear Rock Creek

Sheffield, Massachusetts.

This creek crosses the Appalachian Trail about four miles north of the Connecticut/Massachusetts border. It’s a beautiful spot although most hikers pass by it without stopping here. Just above this small waterfall are a series of pools that are great for cooling off in in summer, behind me is a large waterfall.

We were up here today digging leaves out of a drainage ditch that runs along the trail. This winter was so dry that the leaves never got washed away and are causing flooding on the trail. This is another section of the AT that I maintain so un-clogging this drainage ditch was on my list of pre-summer chores.

I took a number of shots here standing in the middle of the stream and and while I didn’t see it as I shot it, I like the right side of this image. The contrast in the rock, trees, and grass is interesting. Also, the lichen on the rock on the left didn’t stand out to me as I was shooting.

Race Brook above the falls

Race Brook above the falls

Race Brook Falls Trail, Southwest Massachusetts.

This is a small waterfall on Race Brook with the large waterfall (Race Brook Falls) behind me.

I took a similar shot with my Ricoh GR with a wide angle adapter near this spot when the brook was running higher but the symmetry and accessibility of this small waterfall makes it a nice feature to shoot. Plus, the forest behind it adds a lot of depth to the scene. The Fuji X70’s articulated LCD makes a shot like this fun and easy.

I continued the hike up to the top of Mt. Race which I’d not visited since last year. I was the only one on the mountain and it felt great to be up there again.

Race Brook Falls with ice

Race Brook Falls with ice

Race Brook Falls Trail. Southwest Massachusetts.

We hiked up the Race Brook Falls Trail (the trail I maintain for the Berkshire AMC) today and it was a beautiful day for hiking and for photography.

I was surprised that this waterfall still had ice on it as did sections of the brook; the weather has been warm enough down at our house that I thought for sure this would have all melted.

There was some sun flare coming in from the top left but I liked the image anyway.

This was shot with the Fuji X70, a small camera that’s much like the Ricoh GR. I don’t have enough experience with it yet to talk about it with any certainty but I was able to shoot with it with my glove liners on which is important to me in winter as I suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome (cold finger tips) and like to keep thin gloves on at all times. And, unlike the Ricoh, it has an articulating LCD which I find useful (not for this photo but for others). The image quality of the few images I’ve shot with it is breathtakingly good. This is a very nice camera and one worth considering along with the Ricoh GR II.