water droplets

Stanchions with water droplets

Stanchion with bolt and water

New York.

We were walking across town and I noticed a row of stanchions (posts) that had collected water droplets from an earlier rain. Each stanchion had a different pattern of water droplets on it and one even had a bolt (nipple) in the middle. How could I pass up some pictures? I wish I could have gotten right on top of them and shot straight down but alas, there was no ladder and Gary didn’t offer to put me on his shoulders.

Stanchion with water

Birch leaves with water droplets

Birch leaves with water droplets

Race Brook Falls Trail, Sheffield, Massachusetts.

I got word that the campsite on one of the trails I maintain needed attention so I hiked up there yesterday to check it out. The weather was mixed and by the time I got up to the campsite it was raining hard. It didn’t last and I was able to get my work done.

On the way down I got interested in the water droplets that had formed on the various leaves on the ground (of which there were many). All of these images are primarily of birch leaves with some oaks and occasional maples behind them.

Birch leaves with water droplets

I was using a new Ricoh GR II which I got because the price has come down considerably. But, I noticed that the movement of the lens during auto focus created a grinding noise. When I got home I listened to this noise and it was disturbing considering my two original GRs don’t make a noise like this when the lens extends during power up or down or during AF.

I returned the camera to B&H and will be in New York on Tuesday so will go to the store and listen to the GR II there. If the noise is in all copies, I’ll buy it again. If not, I’m concerned that quality control on this camera may be an issue.

I do like the images it made though and that’s what counts in the end.

Birch leaves with water droplets

Hosta with water droplets

Hosta with water droplets

Warren, Connecticut.

We were out very early this morning cutting up some large red oak logs from trees that were taken down last spring (my large saw with 20″ bar had to make two passes). Fantastic wood and once split and dried it’s going to heat our houses well three years from now (we work three years out).

It started raining while we were working and I noticed some water droplets collecting on a hosta plant nearby. Took a few images in the rain and this is what I got. Not quite as sharp as I’d like but still some interesting patterns and textures.

Hosta with water droplets

Hosta with water droplets

Hosta with water droplets

Water droplets on leaf

Water droplets on leaf

Descending Mt. Everett in southwest Massachusetts we saw a leaf on the trail that was shimmering in the bright sunlight. On close inspection it was full of water droplets. Unfortunately the leaf was bowed which meant that even stopped down macro images were likely to be out of focus on the edges. What an amazing property of water to hold together through surface tension in a droplet.

Birch leaf with water droplets

Birch Leaf with Water Droplets

It’s raining hard today and I have errands in town. While running to the truck I noticed a birch leaf, bottom side up with water droplets on it on the driveway. On a nice day, I might feel the urge to set up the tripod right over this leaf and attempt a water droplet shot. Today the rain is coming down hard enough so I continued running to the truck and thought I’d probably drive over it. After I came back I was able to find it again and it was untouched. Rather than bring the tripod to it in the rain, I brought it into the house, being careful not to knock its droplets off, got it up to my office and took this shot.