Conflict Transforms Syrian English Teacher Into War Photographer

Conflict Transforms Syrian English Teacher Into War Photographer

Kelly McEvers and her NPR team have done a great job producing this story on Noor Kelze, a Syrian English teacher who has transformed herself into a photojournalist covering the Syrian conflict from the inside. This story is worth listening to, you don’t get the war sound backdrop in just reading the transcript.

Last fall, a well-known war photographer with the Reuters agency, Goran Tomasovic, spotted Noor shooting pictures with her cellphone. He trained her for a week on how to use a professional camera, then gave her a few of his cameras to keep. She’s been sending pictures to the agency ever since.

Way to go Goran. I follow Reuters and will be looking for Noor Kelze’s credit under images of the Syrian conflict.

[via PetaPixel]

Giles Duley

Giles Duley – a second shot at life

Photographer Giles Duley, who lost three limbs in an explosion in Afghanistan, talks about his recovery and shares his latest series of photographs capturing the technicians and prosthetists working at the London 2012 Paralympics.

A lot of great creativity comes from restrictions.
– Giles Duley

Brilliant. An amazing story.

Terry Gross interviews Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva

Two War Photographers On Their Injuries, Ethics

Fresh Air: Terry Gross interviews Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva, both seriously injured on assignment as combat photographers.

This was a fascinating interview and an excellent update on Joao Silva who we’ve been following here since his injury.

Iraq protest march

iraq_marchI was out in San Francisco a year ago last month. I had not planned to march against the upcoming invasion of Iraq even though I was against it (still am, even more so now).

I found myself trying to cross Market Street during the march and got caught up in it. Shades of my youth demonstrating the Vietnam war in Eugene, Oregon and elsewhere. Same types of people, same whiffs of pot smoke in the air, same everything.

I knew I’d gotten older when I found myself questioning whether thumbing ones nose at “the establishment” by smoking pot in a protest march was the best thing to do. “Liberals” have been marginalized enough in recent years so why make it easier to stereotype us?

One thing I could get behind fully was the above sign. That to me said and says it all.

Don’t just march, vote.