Dogs - Varanasi, India

My flickr contact Maciej Dakowicz caught this great image of two dogs in Varanasi, India with his Canon 6D.

He regularly composes images with a person in the close foreground bleeding off the edge of the frame and other figures scattered in the background (there’s a third dog behind the dominant one here). Many of his compositions have this kind of configuration which takes quite a bit of timing and planning to make work out. He makes it look informal and easy but it rarely is.

Death Photographers of Varanasi

This is a brilliant documentary from Seeker Stories.

When Hindu Indians and Bangladeshis cremate their dead on the banks of the Ganges River, there are other rituals that take place to support the cremation: barbers shave heads and beards, firewood is brought in, and photographers document the dead bodies before they are burnt. This is a short documentary, beautifully shot, documenting the photographers and their process.


[via PetaPixel]

Varanasi fabric

Varanasi Fabric #9

My flickr contact Alex Newman took this great street image in Varanasi, India with his Fuji X100S.

Here’s an image that cries out planning. No doubt Alex saw the mural and waited patiently until the right kind of contrast moved in front of it.

Sometimes even street photography needs to be slowed down to get shots like this and Alex is a master.