1am laundry

1am laundry

Flickr member Jme shot this at night with a Ricoh GR.

It’s a terrific image but I’m posting it to demonstrate a few things he did:

He placed his Ricoh GR (small camera) on a tripod or support of some kind.

He stopped the aperture down to f/16.

The camera took 8 seconds to expose the image.

Most of us don’t slow down enough to do shots like this although I have to say, if you’re doing wash at 1am you’ve got plenty of spare time to experiment.

Still, one of the things I miss about my Canon 5D and big lens collection is my frequent use of a tripod, which not only gave me more exposure possibilities, but it slowed me down so I could think a bit more about the shot I was taking.

I carry a tabletop tripod everywhere but rarely use it. Note to self: use it more and carry your bigger tripod and a small body plate as well.

I bought the remote shutter release for the Fuji X70 for exactly this reason but have yet to use it. Hopefully this will kick my butt and I’ll get into it.

SlingShot grip and tripod

The SlingShot: A Double Duty Phone Grip and Tripod

I don’t have one of these yet (ordering after posting) but it looks great to me.

Best part: the SlingShot’s flexible cradle holds any smartphone ever — from the new iPhone 5 to the oldest Android (with or without a case too)!

I have a 4S with a bumper on it so the current set of clamps don’t work for me. This will. Yes!

Butterfly on tripod

Butterfly on Tripod

Washington, Connecticut. My friend Gary and I got up very early to catch the morning light at the Macricostas Preserve of the Steep Rock Land Trust which is right down the road from my house. After hiking around we set up in a small clearing near a bend in Bee Brook to do macro and general landscape work. Almost immediately a small butterfly landed on Gary’s leg and continued to fly and land (touch and go) all over him and me for the next hour. Another butterfly came by as well and between the two of them we had our hands full shooting them, each other, our equipment, everything. An elephant could have been bathing in the brook next to us and we’d have missed it, we were so focused on these butterflies.

Butterfly on Tripod Head

Note: I took over 100 RAW images of this and the other butterfly. Many of them turned out quite well which is a good day for me (been a while). I have to say, I’m having a renewed love affair with the Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8 L, it’s a wonderful lens, useful in a variety of situations. This is Gary’s most excellent tripod which is a set of medium weight Gitzo legs with an Arca Swiss B1 ballhead. This butterfly has good taste in equipment.

Taking macro shots of roses going by

Macro setup for roses

My wife was given some roses by one of her students (maybe looking for a better grade… not) and they were going by, almost dead. She was about to toss them in the compost heap but I thought it might be fun to photograph them first.

The skylights in our home office are perfect for this kind of photography so here’s the setup. Notice the tripod leg not fully extended to get some lean over the table. This can be done with almost any tripod and it’s a great technique.

Macro setup for roses

I also used an external switch to push the shutter button to eliminate vibration (thanks for the recommendation Dale) and I highly recommend it.

These setup images was taken with my wife’s Canon S400 elph. The one below were taken by the 20D and a 60mm f/2.8 macro lens.

Roses going by