trees from below

Pine grove

Pine grove

Bull’s Bridge, Connecticut.

We were hiking back to the car on the Appalachian Trail and I noticed the light was hitting the tops of these white pines making a nice contrast in their upper branches. And, truthfully, I was looking for any excuse to use the articulating LCD on the Fuji X70 to shoot up without straining my neck.

I continue to enjoy using the X70 and while I’m not as familiar with it as the Ricoh GR, I know with more use it will fall into the background like the GR has so I can think about what I want to shoot rather than how to control it.

The files created by the X70 are excellent and while I’d prefer to be working on RAWs in Lightroom the JPEGs coming out of this camera are amazingly good and easy to work with.

Naked tulip tree

Naked tulip tree

Kent, Connecticut.

Gary and I hiked south on the Appalachian Trail along Schaghticoke Ridge to just beyond Thayer Brook and we stopped at the big tulip tree with three trunks to pay our respects.

All the leaves are down now and this makes for interesting shots looking up at the bare branches. It also makes for difficult hiking through piles of leaves, hiding roots and rocks and all sorts of things to trip over. We had planned to hike the entire ridge but we were moving so slowly in the leaves we turned back about a third of the way down the ridge.

Looking up at white pines

Looking up at white pines

Hidden Valley Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

Went on a short walk in this wonderful preserve along the Shepaug River. I found a trail I’d not been on in a while through a large white pine grove and once in the middle of it had to look up to see how all of those crowns looked against the overcast sky.

Whenever I find a grove like this I try to do a shot or two looking straight up because the trees are usually so densely packed and so straight that if I can make a decent exposure (it can be tough to meter this) I might get an interesting image.

I had to pull the trees back out of silhouette in Lightroom so I didn’t really nail the exposure this time but I do like the shape of these trees.

Black birches from below

Black birches from below

On Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts. Hiking down the Haley Farm Trail on the west side of Mt. Greylock we came across a dead black birch with huge mushrooms on it. Hiked out to the tree and shot straight up hoping to catch the mushrooms but instead got an interesting shot of the creepy decaying tree and the trees around it.