tree from below

Exfoliating birch

Exfoliating birch

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut.

This birch tree had more bark curling off than any I’ve seen and it seemed a natural for this kind of shot.

I had a tough time metering this with the X70 and took a shot with each of its three meters. In the end, I used the one that had the most detail in the branches knowing I could probably pull the trunk and bark out of the shadows. Learning a new camera takes time.

Sycamore with fruit buds

Sycamore with fruit buds

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut.

Walking south on the Appalachian Trail, we found a small grove of sycamore trees right on the bank of the Housatonic River. These types of trees like wet environments.

I noticed some small, round balls hanging off the branches which I’d never noticed before. Wikipedia says American sycamores have winter “fruit” buds so I’m guessing that’s what these are.

I got right under a branch and shot straight up at the cloudy sky. I must say, the Ricoh GR’s high contrast black and white JPEG was so interesting I decided to post it instead of the processed RAW. The natural vignette in the sky and the grain and fruit buds all work well together.