Times Square

H&M is watching you

H&M is watching you

Times Square, New York.

This image is more of a place marker, I know it’s not great but I want to return to this theme and one way is to post this rather than burying it in my Lightroom library.

A number of my contacts have done incredible street work standing in front of an interesting billboard or building facade and waiting for just the right moment as people walk in front of it.

This H&M billboard went all the way to the ground so it’s a perfect backdrop for these kinds of images and Times Square is loaded with people walking by; all you have to do is wait and shoot.

I’m just learning here; this is my first attempt at this and I think it will be fun to keep trying, hopefully learning to get ISO and shutter speeds higher at night and to simply wait more patiently.

Anne reflected on Times Square

Anne reflected on Times Square

Standing on the island in the middle of Times Square (New York) I caught a glimpse of Anne reflected in Bill’s sunglasses. I took the shot quickly before Bill could complain and didn’t notice the mother dragging her reluctant son behind Anne. You can see an ad for Avenue Q, the play we had just seen behind the mother and son.

Tourist photographer takes picture of tourist photographer in Times Square

Tourist photographer takes picture of tourist photographer in Times Square

The woman noticed me and rolled her eyes and giggled, then looked back at her boyfriend/husband to get the shot right. He had a very nice high-end canon with maybe a prime lens with hood on it.

Aaron was behind me taking pictures of signs. Janel was behind me taking pictures of a prostitute who I was a bit scared to look at thinking it might be like an auction and if I looked I bought. Her “aural” patter was quite simple and direct, if you know what I mean, and between her and the din of Times Square it was a bit chaotic.

This is what I love about going to New York. This is an urban photographic adventure and feeling slightly ill at ease gets me excited. Okay, I’m a provincial dork, I admit it but the contrast from rural Connecticut to this is wonderful once in a while and innocent eyes make for good ideas for photographs.