The Family of Man

Country Doctor

The life of an American country doctor was heroic, necessary, and utterly exhausting

Rian Dundon, photo editor at Timeline has put together a reprise of the W. Eugene Smith LIFE series on Dr. Earnest Ceriani, a doctor in rural Colorado.

W. Eugene Smith was an American photojournalist who worked for various publications including LIFE magazine from the 1930’s to the late 1950’s. He joined Magnum in 1955.

He was known for being temperamental and a perfectionist but his photo essays, like Country Doctor channeled humanity in ways most people hadn’t experienced in photographs before.

He had numerous photographs in the now infamous Family of Man exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in 1955. You can still buy the softcover version of the book on Amazon and it’s well worth having for any photographer or really, anyone interested in one of the first major photography shows ever at a major museum: The Family of Man.

Wayne Miller

The World is Young from Theo Rigby on Vimeo.

Petapixel has an excellent post on The Life and Work of Wayne Miller who died last week at the age of 94.

Miller was a Magnum photographer and his images of World War II and life after the war in the United States have become iconic. He helped Edward Steichen put together the first large scale photography exhibit: The Family of Man at MoMA in New York.

I saw this exhibit as a child in New York and I will never forget it. I can’t say it turned me into a photographer but it was certainly one of many seeds that led to a later interest. If you can find a used copy of the book, The Family of Man in decent shape, I highly recommend picking it up. It stands up as one of the most important exhibits and books of all time.