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Scenes from 30,000 meters above

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Scenes from 30,000 meters above

On February 28th, a team of four Spanish teenage students and their instructor from IES La Bisbal school in Catalonia launched a weather probe they designed and built themselves. Their helium-filled balloon carried a payload of electronics and a camera to take atmospheric measurements and photographs throughout the trip. After getting permission from aviation officials and getting good weather, they released the probe on a trip that took it over 30,000 meters (19 miles) above sea level, through winds gusting up to 100 kph, and temperatures reaching -54C (-65.2F), and traveling 38 kilometers overland in a time of 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Their blog: Meteotek08
Their flickr account: meteotek08

Wow, this has gone viral and it makes me incredibly happy. Could not have happened to a better group of folks. Congratulations all.