Ten Mile Mountain

Swamp reflection

Swamp reflection

Appalachian Trail, Merwinsville, Connecticut.

We hiked the first section of the AT in Connecticut (over Ten Mile Hill) and this swamp is right off Route 55. It always seems messy and uninteresting until you look closer and then interesting photographic possibilities open up.

This image was processed with Apple’s Photos application in macOS Sierra. This version of Photos isn’t very good and I’m no expert on using it but the Photos upgrade coming in the next MacOS update (High Sierra) looks excellent and I’m hoping its good enough at doing what I like so that I can move away from Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a great application that I’ve used since it came out but Adobe is moving away from stand-alone desktop applications and I don’t want to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. Time will tell…

Flare in the canopy

Flare in the canopy

Kent, Connecticut.

We hiked the Appalachian Trail between Hoyt Rd, on the New York/Connecticut border to Bull’s Bridge over Ten Mile Mountain. Stopping for water near Ten Mile River I noticed the sun shining through a rather dense canopy. Figured I’d try an intentional flare shot (again).

Tough to know how to meter shots like this: spot kills everything around it, center seems best and metering the entire frame kills the flare. When you want flare, you want flare.

Speckled leaves with water drops

Speckled leaves with water drops

This was taken on the Appalachian Trail near Bull’s Bridge, Connecticut.

All of these leaves had some kind of mould growing on them and between that, the mottled light, and the water droplets they were crying out for a photograph.

I used various leaf ID sites to try to figure out what they are and I came up with ash, but that didn’t seem likely given where they were growing. But, who knows?

Walk over Ten Mile Mountain

Swamp reflection

Swamp reflection near Rt. 55 and the New York border

Gaylordsville, Connecticut.

We hiked the Appalachian Trail between Hoyt Rd, on the New York/Connecticut border to Bull’s Bridge over Ten Mile Mountain with one of the heads of the Connecticut Appalachian Mountain Club. I’ve decided to take this section of trail, closer to my house and with this club which, amazingly since I live in Connecticut, I’ve not worked with before.

It’s a great section, about 4 miles long with plenty of photo ops along the way, including this nice swamp on the southern end and the Housatonic River (which is very low now) on the northern end.

I’m still maintaining the Race Brook Falls trail for the Berkshire AMC as well.

If I’m not fit this summer with plenty of new images, I’m not doing my job.

Housatonic River at Bull's Bridge

Housatonic River at Bull’s Bridge

Oak tree on Ten Mile Mountain

Oak tree on Ten Mile Mountain

Ten Mile Mountain, Bull’s Bridge, Connecticut.

We went for a hike on the Appalachian Trail south from Bull’s Bridge up to Ten Mile Mountain. Once I started looking at these gnarly oak trees through my camera I thought I remembered shooting them a while back but I can’t find the images now so thought I’d post this one.

This is the Ricoh GR’s high contrast black and white filter with the grain added. The RAW had more detail but I liked what the grain did to this image so used this one. It’s more dramatic.