Tea on the Appalachian Trail

Tea on the AT

Kent, Connecticut. My hiking buddies are each away and I needed to get out of the house so I hiked up on the Appalachian Trail north of Kent and this image is taken just above St. John’s Ledges where I did some rock climbing 20 years ago. The Housatonic River is in the valley behind me.

These days the weather is changing and if you stop with a wet shirt you cool down fast so I brought some home made chai tea in a thermos to warm up with. Definitely made my day.

Anne pours “love tea”

Anne pours "love tea"

Monday afternoon is a good time to deliver love tea to my wife Anne at work. When I showed up with it today she smiled warmly and appreciatively and I sprung into action with camera to document the unique pouring system of this small thermos. Am I a geek or what?

Note: “Love tea” is my version of “Sherpa tea” which my old friend Julia King showed me how to make in 1982.

Love tea

"Love" tea

This is a small thermos with an ingenious pour spout built into the cap. Today it is filled with tea, special “love” tea and I brought it to my wife who works at a school down the road from where we live.

In 1989, when I was “courting” Anne I brought her what I then called “Sherpa tea” in a thermos in the mid morning when I knew she had a break (black tea with crushed cardamon pods, milk and sugar, a chai I guess). Sometimes I left it outside the door if she had a student . She was always so grateful to get it: for the attention, the thought, and of course, the tea during a busy work day.

I figured it would not have the same impact if I brought it every day (she’d get sick of it and me) so I decided to do it when I was pretty sure she needed it.

Over the past 16 years I have continued to bring tea (same recipe) and along the way we got married (it worked). One might have thought I’d have quit once we got married but in fact I enjoy bringing her tea these days more than ever.

Anne at work

My wife Anne between classes dealing with school email. She’s the head of academic support at a private school and besides one on one tutoring of students she runs a small department and deals with ETS (argh!) for accommodated SATs.

Anne's office bookshelf

A few of the books on Anne’s office bookshelf. She’s collected and read hundreds of books on learning, learning problems, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, special education law and pretty much everything related to this stuff.