Love, War, and the Magical Lamb-Brain Sandwiches of Aleppo, Syria

Ugh, the embed didn’t work but it’s worth clicking through and listening to anyway. This is a great story.

I’ll read anything Adam Davidson writes for The New Yorker and this is a story that takes place when he was covering the Iraq war for National Public Radio and took a vacation to Aleppo, Syria (before Syria fell apart) with his girlfriend and while there ate the best sandwich of his life.

Conflict Transforms Syrian English Teacher Into War Photographer

Conflict Transforms Syrian English Teacher Into War Photographer

Kelly McEvers and her NPR team have done a great job producing this story on Noor Kelze, a Syrian English teacher who has transformed herself into a photojournalist covering the Syrian conflict from the inside. This story is worth listening to, you don’t get the war sound backdrop in just reading the transcript.

Last fall, a well-known war photographer with the Reuters agency, Goran Tomasovic, spotted Noor shooting pictures with her cellphone. He trained her for a week on how to use a professional camera, then gave her a few of his cameras to keep. She’s been sending pictures to the agency ever since.

Way to go Goran. I follow Reuters and will be looking for Noor Kelze’s credit under images of the Syrian conflict.

[via PetaPixel]