Sycamore with fruit buds

Sycamore with fruit buds

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut.

Walking south on the Appalachian Trail, we found a small grove of sycamore trees right on the bank of the Housatonic River. These types of trees like wet environments.

I noticed some small, round balls hanging off the branches which I’d never noticed before. Wikipedia says American sycamores have winter “fruit” buds so I’m guessing that’s what these are.

I got right under a branch and shot straight up at the cloudy sky. I must say, the Ricoh GR’s high contrast black and white JPEG was so interesting I decided to post it instead of the processed RAW. The natural vignette in the sky and the grain and fruit buds all work well together.

Sycamore leaf

Sycamore leaf

Pasadena, California. Sycamore trees are one of the wonders of the world, not just because they grow large with limbs that twist and turn in sculptural ways, but because even small trees produce gigantic leaves. Sycamores produce the largest leaves of any trees in North America, this leaf is well over ten inches wide.

This was taken on the granite wheelchair ramp outside the Norton Simon Museum.