The Bridge


Flickr member Henrik took this excellent picture with his Ricoh GR of the Øresund Bridge that connects Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.

I recognized this bridge as the same one in the excellent Danish/Swedish TV series: The Bridge, about a series of murders, the first one of which is discovered by a body found on this bridge by a female Swedish detective and a male Danish detective. These two characters drive the entire series and each of them has issues which cause interesting friction between them. Of course, if we understood Danish and Swedish culture, language, and the issues between them we’d have gotten even more out of this series but it was worthwhile even with subtitles for us “unworldly” Americans.

If you’re into these things, I highly recommend the Danish TV series The Killing (Danish) and its American counterpart: The Killing (US). Both are excellent.

And, if you want more, the Danish TV series Borgen is fantastic as well.

Daniel Eliasson

I don’t do street photography (yet) but I enjoy seeing it.

Street Photography London has a great interview with Swedish Street Photographer Daniel Eliasson. Watch the video, it’s fascinating.

The entire Street Photography London site is well worth poking around in.

Daniel’s site is well worth a look too: Streetpeople.se.

[via Gary Sharp]