Mattatuck Trail, Warren, Connecticut.

I took a hike along this new section of the Mattatuck trail that’s right in our little town. It crosses this swamp and I had to bushwhack in deep snow closer to this viewpoint through what looked to be a tick-infested jungle of branches to get this shot.

Around here Lyme disease is a real worry so going off trail in a place like this is a risk. I thought this shot might be worth the risk but having had Lyme disease I can tell you, it wasn’t. I like the shot but Lyme disease is no fun at all and if I had it to do over again, I’d have skipped this off-trail bushwhack.

Swamp reflection

Swamp reflection

Appalachian Trail, Merwinsville, Connecticut.

We hiked the first section of the AT in Connecticut (over Ten Mile Hill) and this swamp is right off Route 55. It always seems messy and uninteresting until you look closer and then interesting photographic possibilities open up.

This image was processed with Apple’s Photos application in macOS Sierra. This version of Photos isn’t very good and I’m no expert on using it but the Photos upgrade coming in the next MacOS update (High Sierra) looks excellent and I’m hoping its good enough at doing what I like so that I can move away from Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a great application that I’ve used since it came out but Adobe is moving away from stand-alone desktop applications and I don’t want to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. Time will tell…



Kent, Connecticut.

I was over at my friend Joy Brown’s studio working on clay pieces or her next big firing this summer (I was a potter in another life, I have an MFA in ceramics). On the way home I noticed that her swamp looked interesting so I stopped the truck in the middle of the driveway and walked up and down looking for interesting angles to shoot this swamp. I took lots of shots and almost all of them were interesting but none had everything I was seeing. This one had some of the texture of the grass mounds and the nice contrast of mounds out in the pond.

When I hold still and set up the camera correctly, the Fuji X70 is recording details amazingly well.

Tinker Hill swamp

Tinker Hill swamp

New Preston, Connecticut.

We took a short walk around a hill overlooking Lake Waramaug and I noticed this small swampy area right off the road. No doubt this water is from the heavy rains we had last week.

It wasn’t “golden hour” by a long shot but trees were making interesting shadows and I thought it might be worth stopping to check out.

Lots happening here: shadows, reflections, and leaves both floating and on the bottom, not to mention the trees. I’d like to get back to this spot earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon to see if there are even stronger shadows.

Tinker Hill swamp

Walk over Ten Mile Mountain

Swamp reflection

Swamp reflection near Rt. 55 and the New York border

Gaylordsville, Connecticut.

We hiked the Appalachian Trail between Hoyt Rd, on the New York/Connecticut border to Bull’s Bridge over Ten Mile Mountain with one of the heads of the Connecticut Appalachian Mountain Club. I’ve decided to take this section of trail, closer to my house and with this club which, amazingly since I live in Connecticut, I’ve not worked with before.

It’s a great section, about 4 miles long with plenty of photo ops along the way, including this nice swamp on the southern end and the Housatonic River (which is very low now) on the northern end.

I’m still maintaining the Race Brook Falls trail for the Berkshire AMC as well.

If I’m not fit this summer with plenty of new images, I’m not doing my job.

Housatonic River at Bull's Bridge

Housatonic River at Bull’s Bridge

Swamp in fog

Swamp in fog

Kent, Connecticut.

I was over at my friend Joy Brown’s house helping her sort some slides to send off to get scanned and on my way home I noticed the fog was thick on the swamp that her long driveway runs by. I stopped the truck and pulled out the camera and took numerous images. About 100′ out the swamp just disappears into fog. It was quite amazing and the fog was so thick the drive home was no fun. Nice to see some good images came of it though.

Lake Waramaug and Bee Brook Swamp

Lake Waramaug

Lake Waramaug from Waramaug Rock

Macricostas Preserve, Washington, Connecticut. Gary, Anne and I hiked the loop trail at Macricostas Preserve, right down the road from our house. The fireworks show on the 4th was rained out but this is the place we like to hike to to watch them so we figured we’d get up there anyway. Nice hike and the landscape, while hot and humid was quite photogenic.

I shot both high contrast black and white and RAW with the Ricoh GR and these are RAW files processed in Lightroom. There’s so much more information in the RAW files that’s useful for printing that I have to make sure I keep the GR set up this way even though it’s a bit more cumbersome for processing.

Note, I have to say the new version of Flickr is much improved, they’re finally moving in the right direction with it. Thank god.

Bee Brook swamp

Bee Brook Swamp from the Macricostas Loop Trail bridge

Shooting reflections

Dave shooting a reflection

Dave shooting a reflection on the Appalachian Trail north of Sheffield, Massachusetts. The light and sky were perfect for shooting reflections on streams and swamps yesterday and we spent a lot of time doing it. Sometimes still water makes interesting images, sometimes a bit of wind rippling the water and distorting the reflection makes interesting images but either way we saw and shot a lot of them yesterday and it made a great hike even better.

Swamp reflection

This is the same image Dave was shooting (shot by me with my camera). I used to think a sun hot spot was something to be avoided but I’m liking what a “sun ball” does to a brooding sky. Mostly I position the sun behind trees but sometimes I let it shine through repeating the shot with each of the S100’s three light meters to make sure I get it.

Early Morning Light on Swamp

Early Morning Light on Swamp

Warren, Connecticut. The sun was coming up as I was driving by this swamp and the light was just too good, I had to stop. Light like this changes in minutes so one has to work fast, not to mention the stillness of the water can be disturbed by a leaf, a bird, or a beaver changing the reflection and so, the shot.

Note: This was shot last November but I wanted to share it as an example of the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 stopped down to f/11.