Flashlight fetish

Flashlight Fanatic Pics and even more Flashlight Fanatic Pics

I thought I had a flashlight fetish: I have a bunch of “low end” Surefire G2 flashlights in the house and in the cars as well as a Surefire headlamp for hiking and some Streamlights in various sizes and shapes. The collections shown at core77 and at the CandlePower Forums show just how far people get into this stuff.

Flashlights are interesting objects, they have utility but they also have an aesthetic which has many aspects: fine machined steel or aluminum or plastic, the design of the switch, power (lumens), battery type and life, and lastly, how cop-like or weapony or “tactical” they are.

In the old days this was the territory of Maglite but now with LED illumination, Surefire has taken over as the popular US manufacturer of tactical flashlights.

Surefire flashlights are expensive but they’re made in the USA (like Maglites) and Streamlight, Fenix and many others are made in China. An interesting site to check many out is Optics Planet.

Oh, on my keychain I carry a Photon Micro-Light and I have to say, it’s fantastic, one of my most used flashlights. I also have one of these lights in my camera bag and another in my carry-on bag I take on planes. Not “tactical” but very “practical.”