Think Again

Think Again

Fulton Center Subway Hub, New York City.

This is Gary Sharp shooting up at the rotunda in the center of the Fulton Center Subway Hub. There is another level below the circle that Gary is standing in front of which is an excellent vantage point for shooting the rotunda as well.

It took a while to get a shot with “think again” on the signs which were almost all T-Mobile ads.

7 train, uptown

7 Train, Uptown (Flushing Bound), at Flushing - Main Street Station 2015.01.27

My flickr contact NYC Subway Rider has posted this excellent image of two men on a New York subway taken with his Panasonic LX7.

This image is processed using an HDR (high dynamic range) technique which I’m not usually a fan of, but I think this photographer is handling it perfectly. Yes, his images seem pumped up, but the nature of the images lends itself to this kind of processing. I’ll be posting more of his work in the future, I really like it.