Frank Howarth makes things

Frank Howarth is a woodworker, filmmaker, and amazingly organized and creative guy living in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been following his work for a while but haven’t posted about him, until now.

Here’s one of his most famous stop motion videos on making a lawn chair.

And here’s a behind the scenes video of how he made the lawn chair video.

Here’s a great video on making a segmented walnut and maple bowl.

Check out Frank makes for more detail on him.

Check out Frank Howarth’s YouTube channel for all of his videos including a great one on the building of his shop.


Stop-motion remembrance

Gan-Gan from Gemma Green-Hope on Vimeo.

After the death of her grandmother in 2010, animator and illustrator Gemma Green-Hope was called to help sort through some of her remaining possessions. What she discovered evoked not only memories, but also resulted in a new understanding of who her grandmother was by cataloging the objects she left behind. Green-Hope transformed the old books, clothes, jewelry and photos into this touching stop-motion portrait.

Brilliant. Very well done.

[via Colossal]

The art of title sequences

Many times title sequences get overlooked in movies but Art of the Title is a great web site that dives deep into them.

Here are three title sequences stand out to me, there are many more.

Opening credits from the movie Catch Me if You Can

End credits from the movie Ratatouille

Opening credits from the movie Casino Royale