still life

Apricots and strawberries

apricots and strawberries

My friend Gary Sharp who used to do a lot of creative photo work with plastic cameras and alternative film processing is having a blast with the iPhone 4 camera and the various photo manipulation apps available. This one is processed using a bleach bypass app which no doubt is mimicking an effect one might get in wet processing. Great stuff.

After dinner spoon

After dinner spoon

Kent, Connecticut. After a great dinner at a friend’s house the cameras came out to document some of the wonderful chaos that is a dinner table after a wonderful meal. Very much like my interest in shooting flowers gone by, I see more interesting images in the mess after dinner than the beauty of the food and table untouched.

This dinner was at our friend Joy Brown’s house and Joy is an artist which means that the after dinner chaos has more style than your typical mess… or so it seems to me.