Fulton Center staircase and ceiling

Fulton Center staircase and ceiling

Fulton Center staircase and ceiling taken with Sony RX100 III

A few of my contacts who live in New York have shot the Fulton Center subway hub in lower Manhattan and their images really appealed to me.

Here’s the first image I saw of this building and posted here from Andrew Mohrer: Fulton Center Interior. Here’s a two frame panorama from Cornelis Verwaal: A Commuter Vortex.

I love buildings like this so I decided to check it out this past week when we were in New York. I’m glad I did, I took over 200 images with Ricoh GR, Sony RX100 III, and Fuji X100T and I felt like I could have taken many more. There are large, sweeping architectural views here and some great smaller detail as well.

The 24mm wide end of the Sony appealed to me the most for the drama of this building and while I took plenty of shots with the Fuji and the Ricoh, the tighter 28 and 35mm angles of view felt constrained.

The hub is easy to get to on a variety of subways and it’s location is at the heart of all sorts of interesting photo walks in New York: City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge, World Trade Center, Battery Park, Wall Street and much more.

Instead of culling the images and posting them all together as a set which has proven difficult for me, I’ll just go through them and post them as I find the good ones. Not my typical process but it will have to do.