Getty Center staircase

Getty Center staircase

The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California. As some of you know I’ve been taking images of Richard Meier’s architecture at the Getty for over eight years now, almost all with a Canon 5D and a variety of high end zoom lenses. Today I had my Canon Powershot S100 and a rented Sony RX100 and I took a variety of images attempting to capture things similar to what I’d done with a DSLR. I must say, I was impressed with the way both cameras worked and while I’m not a big fan of Sony’s ergonomics, the image quality on this little RX100 is superb.

Compare this image to others in the set, I think you’ll be amazed at how well the point and shoot did.

Getty Center Impressions set

Cuban staircase

I guess even the most spectacular, most historic of stairways become boring after a while ...

My flickr contact Michael Greenwood did a great job framing this historic staircase.

Two female staff look bored as they gaze over the grand white marble stairway entrance to the Museo de la Revolución in Havana.

Those steps look pretty now but in 1957 they were flowing with the blood of students who died trying to storm the palace and oust then President Fulgencio Batista – you can still see the bullet holes even though someone has tried to fill them in.

Getty Center stairs, day and night

Getty Museum stairs, day

There is so much to photograph at the Getty Center in LA. I could go there daily and not run out of micro and macro ideas. Richard Meier (architect) combined so many interesting elements and the textures and spaces are so varied that any photographer would find a trip there breathtaking.

Getty Museum stairs, night

I particularly like the warmth of light coming from glass walls and combined with stairs and railings this office view caught my eye.