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Minnesota man asked to leave Southwest flight after critical tweet

Minnesota man asked to leave Southwest flight after critical tweet

This is fascinating to me.

1. The gate agent was following the rules. Maybe a bit too rigidly but still, following the rules.

2. The guy must have used #southwest or something but someone at Southwest Airlines picked it up in real time and called the gate. Amazing.

Obviously everyone who publishes anything online, and Twitter is a publishing platform, needs to be careful of what they publish. I don’t know how many people were following this passenger but if he used a popular hashtag, like #southwest or whatever Southwest Airlines uses, his tweet might have been read by thousands if not tens of thousands of people very quickly.

I may be ignorant, but I tend to think that many on platforms like Twitter have no clue that their tweets might be read by a larger audience than the people who follow them. Between hashtags and retweets things can go viral very quickly.

Careful what you tweet.