Smith Rocks

Smith Rocks Climbing, 1978

Heading toward Asterisk Pass, 1978

Smith Rocks, Oregon. Pete Pollard (front) and me walking along the Crooked River at Smith Rocks toward Asterisk Pass. We went over the pass and hiked back north on the other side to the base of Monkey Face where we climbed a nice route called West Face Variation on Monkey Face.

This picture was taken by Faye Nakamura who did the climb with us.

Yes… in another life I was a semi-serious climber.

Leading the first pitch of West Face Variation, 1978

That’s me leading the first pitch on West Face Variation on Monkey Face. This was a warm-up route for something else we did that weekend but I can’t remember what it was. Pete Pollard was belaying me while Faye Nakamura took the picture.

The three of us swapped leads on this and if memory serves I got the scary lead out of the monkey’s mouth. The free rappel off the top is "memorable" if memory serves.