Cells Interlinked

Cells Interlinked

Flickr member Peter Stewart posted this fantastic image of a wall of apartments in Queenstown, Singapore.

Check out Peter’s Flickr album: Stacked II – Architecture of Singapore. Brilliant work.

The image is great in many ways, one of which is that it is taken at dusk which gives it the same kind of feel as many of the aerial shots of Berlin in the the first few Bourne movies. There’s something about city shots at dusk that creates an ominous mood, something is about to happen…

Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina bay singapore #leicaQ

My flickr contact Lars Jeppesen took this great night shot of Marina bay, Singapore with his Leica Q.

The Leica Q is a new, full frame, fixed lens 28mm camera that has me drooling. It’s on my B&H Photo wish list but I doubt I’ll ever pull the trigger. $4250 is quite a bit of money for any camera, let alone one with a fixed lens (even if said lens is a Leica 28mm f/1.7 on a full frame body).