shipping container

How shipping containers are made

This is a promotional video done for the Canadian company Big Steel Box who makes, leases and sells shipping containers for a variety of uses: moving and storage and modular construction.

The music isn’t great in this video and there are a few too many “art shots” but you can get a good sense of the process which is the appeal for me.

Shipping containers, also called intermodal containers (ship, truck, train) were developed as part of a larger system called intermodal shipping. The history on the wikipedia page is worth reading, fascinating.

[via The Kid Should See This]

Anatomy of an Ikea product

Anatomy of an Ikea Product

What’s interesting about this is the focus from the beginning not only on the product design and it’s price, but on how it will be packaged, assembled by the buyer, shipped, how many of them might fit in a shipping container, and more. No doubt all modern products go through similar design processes but Ikea products have the added variable of user assembly.

As someone who’s bought and assembled dozens of Ikea products I sort of knew they had a process like this but it was nice to hear it affirmed in detail.