AIDA Prima construction time-lapse

Time-lapse video of the construction of a modern cruise ship in Nagasaki, Japan. The last part of the video is the ship being christened in Hamburg, Germany harbor during a festival they were having there.

I can’t stop watching this. The tinker-toy modularity of it, it’s fascinating. And, like watching heavy, large commercial airplanes take off, it’s hard to fathom that this thing floats with all of that steel in it.

MSC Splendida

MSC Splendida

Flickr member Steven McDougall posted this fantastic image of the MSC Splendida cruise ship docked on the coast of England, taken with his Fuji X-T1.

What makes this image interesting to me is the container cranes next to a docked passenger ship, and the foreground rocks. That ship must need deep water to dock so seeing shallow water up close and the ship docked in the background makes for a nice contrast.