Shepaug River

Ice on the Shepaug

Ice on the Shepaug

Mattatuck Trail, Warren, Connecticut.

We hiked along the Shepaug River looking for interesting ice. We’ve had plenty of cold weather but the kind of weather that makes good ice is extreme cold, a thaw, then more extreme cold. We’ve sort of had that but not quite extreme enough in either direction (warm and cold).

I did find some nice crystals near the shore and attempted to get a shot. I could not get stable enough to get steady for sharp focus so this isn’t quite as crisp as I’d like it. Consider it a place marker for better ice in the next month (hopefully).

Shepaug River

Shepaug River

On a bridge crossing the Shepaug River between Cornwall and Warren, Connecticut.

We were driving back from Litchfield and decided to take a more scenic way. This little hollow where Flat Rocks Road crosses the Shepaug River has always been a source of nice images. The river goes over a small waterfall here and then flows into a reservoir that supplies the city of Waterbury with part of its water supply.

The Ricoh was set up for high contrast and that’s where I left it.

Shepaug River falls

Reflections on the Shepaug

Reflection on the Shepaug River

Steep Rock Preserve. Washington, Connecticut. This is a great spot to shoot reflections. Almost any time of year the river is still here and the trees and rocks on the other side are interesting. Fall colors make things even better but I’ve shot here in the dead of winter and it’s great.

Reflection on the Shepaug River

View of the Hauser Bridge on the Shepaug River

Just starting out walking around “the clamshell” and looking back down at the Hauser suspension bridge over the Shepaug.

Morning on the Shepaug River

Morning on the Shepaug River

Steep Rock Preserve, Washington, Connecticut. For the past few summers I’ve been leading photo walks for the Steep Rock Association. For this walk (which took place in early August) we walked down the Shepaug River to the Hauser Bridge, crossed it, and walked back on the other side. The object is not hiking but taking photographs so we stop often and when appropriate I attempt a bit of photography instruction.

I was pleased with this shot of one of our group shooting down river. Got a bit of the early morning light and dampness and the stillness of the river in this spot. The Ricoh GR’s APS-C sized sensor can record quite a bit of detail and I’m extremely pleased with that. A bit of chromatic aberration in the high contrast of the tree branches against the sky but it’s not much and no doubt a better post processor than I could kill it easily.

Trees reflected on the Shepaug River

Looking across the Shepaug River at a stand of trees and rock.


The ferns along the trail are dense and beautiful and again, I’m very pleased that the Ricoh GR’s sensor can pick up as much detail as it does.

View from Steep Rock

View from Steep Rock

Washington, Connecticut. Looking down at the Shepaug River from Steep Rock. David, Loren and I did an eight mile hike in Steep Rock the other day just to revisit the place that got us started hiking. Great day, lots of nice scenery and it was quite cold. Still, nothing like today where the high here is 15 F and with windchill well below 0.