Shooting reflections

Dave shooting a reflection

Dave shooting a reflection on the Appalachian Trail north of Sheffield, Massachusetts. The light and sky were perfect for shooting reflections on streams and swamps yesterday and we spent a lot of time doing it. Sometimes still water makes interesting images, sometimes a bit of wind rippling the water and distorting the reflection makes interesting images but either way we saw and shot a lot of them yesterday and it made a great hike even better.

Swamp reflection

This is the same image Dave was shooting (shot by me with my camera). I used to think a sun hot spot was something to be avoided but I’m liking what a “sun ball” does to a brooding sky. Mostly I position the sun behind trees but sometimes I let it shine through repeating the shot with each of the S100’s three light meters to make sure I get it.

Golden ragwort

Golden ragwort, S90

Taken with a Canon Powershot S90 camera

On the Appalachian Trail near Sheffield, Massachusetts. I’ve been taking pictures like these with my iPhone and Instagram because it’s fun and easy to upload them to both twitter and flickr this way but in doing so I miss the quality of a “real” camera. Of course, calling the S90 a real camera compared with a Canon 5D and decent lens is almost laughable except in a relative sense (relative to an iPhone’s camera).

Interesting how ease of posting can influence tool used.

Golden rag wort

Taken with an iPhone and Instagram