Loose Tacoma shift knob, what to do?

I just had my truck washed at a “typical” car wash: drop it off at one end, they vacuum it, it runs through the car wash on a conveyor and they finish drying it at the end. People drive it at each end although just for a moment.

I’ve been using this car wash for years and it’s under new ownership and they’re doing a great job. The owner is right in there doing all the various jobs so everyone’s paying close attention.

I drove away and noticed that the shift knob was loose. Odd, this is a 2016 Toyota Tacoma pickup and it’s never been loose before. Oh dear. Wondered if the guy who vacuumed it and got it started on the conveyor struggled with it. It’s an automatic, nothing to really struggle with.

What to do?

Bring it back and complain? Maybe but not sure what that would accomplish.

Make an appointment with Toyota to have it fixed? Can’t imagine the fix would be too tough.

Or, search the internet to see if others have had this issue and what they’ve done.

I typed the following into Safari (defaulting to Google search):

“2016 Toyota Tacoma loose shift knob”

The first hit was this one:

Tacoma World: Automatic Shift Knob loose!

I read through it, found this:

“If you push down on the plastic ring at the top of the leather skirt it’ll pop off, then see if you can screw the knob on tighter and snap the skirt back on.”

I went back outside to the truck, did exactly as the commenter said, and fixed it.

I’m not boasting or attempting to pat myself on the back for having fixed this minor issue, I’m pointing out that the web coupled with an intelligent search query can provide amazing support very quickly.

Underlying this is Google and the fact that it does an amazing job of indexing all the various pieces of text information on the web. In fact, this post will no doubt be part of future search results for loose Tacoma shift knobs.

Search on iPhone

I’m amazed it took me so long to realize it but I didn’t know you could not search for an address, a zip code, or a phone number on the iPhone. The standard iPhone search of contacts searches first name first but not key words. Try it, you’ll be amazed. It’s not like Spotlight searching on a Macintosh at all. I wish it was.

The Search app allows key word search of email addresses, phone number, and more.

Now, if Apple would build this into iOS I’d be happier.

[via Steve Splonskowski]

Greg Newman’s Search

The Stork Lost One, An Adoption Reunion

My long-time online friend Greg Newman (who I’ve never met) searches for his biological mother and in the process, finds a sister and brother he didn’t know he had.

These kinds of incredible reunions happened less frequently pre-internet and as Greg says, adoption privacy laws can make searching tough. But he and his wife persevered over many years and hit the jackpot. Read his great post.