MacBook Air screen resolutions and readability

New Macs’ resolutions

I haven’t gone to see the new MacBook Airs at the Apple store yet, I will tomorrow, but this article is stating what I feared on reading the technical specs of both the 11″ model and the 13″ model: The screen resolution is so high that they’ve shrunk everything making it difficult to read.

On a 11″ MacBook Air, a 72-pixel line—which would measure 1 inch long against an onscreen ruler—is just 0.53 physical inches long. On a 21.5″ iMac, that same line is 0.70 inches long. User interface items, like buttons, menu items, and scroll bars are 30% bigger on the iMac than on the Air.

I’ll look at both the two Air screens, a MacBook screen, an iPad screen and an iMac screen. Readability is important to me, even knowing that I can increase the size of text on a browser. I like to keep text size as the web designer set it so that all elements look right next to one another.

I have to say, readability trumps having a hardware keyboard.

[via Daring Fireball]

Reflections on the new MacBook Pro

Derek Powazek has issues with the glossy screens on the new MacBook Pros: Reflections on the new MacBook Pro.

This is not great news for me because I’m pretty sure I’m going to feel the same way when I see one this Thursday. There’s really no way to tell for sure until one gets the machine home and uses it in one’s own environment but one can get a sense and my sense is this is going to be a problem.

It could be that Apple is pushing those of us who have this problem to get a large screen monitor but there too, Apple’s latest entry in this area is a glossy screen.

If there is enough whining from the design community Apple will surely take note. What they do about it is anyone’s guess.