Max #194

My flickr contact Bob Dein has captured another great portrait in his 100 Strangers set with his Olympus OM-D. Here’s his report and caption:

In Tampa, I sat in a small trattoria eating a prosciutto and mozzarella Panini. It brought back fond memories of trattorias in Italy. The current bread wasn’t as good, but pleasant enough.

Across the street was a street musician, passionately playing a saxophone. He had to be my next stranger. I approached and theatrically placed a small donation in his jar. He thanked and ‘God blessed’ me. I quickly explained 100 Strangers, and he said fine. Max was from Cincinnati, but has lived in Tampa for twelve years. Then suddenly he began to play and moved in wide gestures. He just wouldn’t stay still for a second. The more I clicked, the more he moved. After several minutes I gave up and left. I waved, and Max raised his eyebrows in acknowledgement.

Well, the Olympus OM-D has one shortcoming. It is weak in continuous auto-focusing. It is poor for sports and birds in flight. It should be fine for portraiture. It was not fine for Max. Fortunately I took LOTS of shots, as several are focused on the background. This is my favorite – by far.