Sage’s Ravine

Water color

Fall reflection

Sage’s Ravine, Sheffield, Massachusetts.

I was back in the upper part of this spectacular ravine today doing more trail work.

The light and the fall colors were so intense in this pool I stopped to take a few pictures. The water was too still and to me, the reflected seen had no interest as it was simply the far bank of trees turned upside down.

There was no little dog to splash around in the pool to make waves so I tossed in a small rock just to mix things up. I took four pictures in rapid succession hoping one of them would have just the right amount of water movement in it. To me, the water movement gives this image a painterly feel.

Note: this image is straight out of the Fuji X70. I ran it through Lightroom to downsize it for uploading but made no adjustments at all.

Oak leaves in turbulent reflection

Oak leaves in turbulent reflection

Sage’s Ravine, Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Tom and I just finished re-blazing the first few miles of the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts and we were resting at Sage’s Ravine before turning around for home.

The fall colors were spectacular and I took a few reflection shots of the canopy in the still water of Sage’s brook when Tom’s small (and very cute) dog Scout started splashing around upstream. Initially I was irritated that my glassy reflection was ruined but then realized that the ripples would add a nice, psychedelic touch to the seen.

Ice in Sage’s Ravine

Ice in Sage's Ravine

We hiked down the south side of Mt. Race on the Appalachian Trail (a section of trail I maintain) into the bottom of Sage’s Ravine which forms the border between Connecticut and Massachusetts.

There was moving water in the ravine but there were calm spots near the shore where ice had formed. Getting to those spots was tough because the trail was iced over and slippery in places but not bad enough for us to have brought micro-spikes along. Getting a few ice pattern shots motivated me to carefully climb down to the edge and hold the camera out with my right hand while holding onto a tree with my left hand.

By the way, one-handed control and shooting is a nice feature of the Ricoh GR; one can do almost everything with the right hand. Holding steady is the biggest challenge. Spray and pray is the way under these conditions.

Ice in Sage's Ravine

Waterfall in Sage’s Ravine

Waterfall in Sage's Ravine

Southwest Massachusetts.

Nora, Gary and I went on a big hike on the Appalachian Trail from near Bear Mountain, down into Sage’s Ravine, up over Mt. Race, then up over Mt. Everett. Lots to talk about, beautiful day and the only pictures I took were of this waterfall in Sage’s Ravine.

I’m happy with the picture but it was a 5 hour hike and there were many things to shoot. But, with good company photography sometimes takes a back seat. Or, so goes my rationalization.

Waterfall in Sage’s Ravine

Waterfall in Sage's Ravine

Appalachian Trail, Sage’s Ravine, Massachusetts. Gary and I hiked from Undermountain Trail in Connecticut to the Race Brook Falls Trail in Massachusetts along the Appalachian Trail a few weeks ago (I’m behind in my photo editing).

I took a number of shots along this very photogenic ravine but this is the only one I liked. Over the years I think I’ve shot this place to death so it’s tough to find scenes that are novel (for me). Shot with Ricoh GR and I used the RAW file which I processed in Lightroom.

Return to Sage’s Ravine

Dave at the narrows

Dave at the narrows

Appalachian Trail, Sage’s Ravine, Connecticut/Massachusetts border.

These images are from our return to Sage’s Ravine to shoot more ice. It was a bit colder on this day but as long as we kept moving and didn’t spend too much time in one place shooting we were fine. I never took my glove liners off the entire hike and was easily able to work the Ricoh GR, my hands never got cold.

Ice cave

Ice cave

Two waterfalls on Sage's Brook

Two waterfalls on Sage’s Brook

Ice fall down a cliff in Sage's Ravine

Ice fall down a cliff in Sage’s Ravine

Sage’s Ravine

Sage's Ravine

Dave and I hiked the approach to Bear Mountain, across Paradise Lane and down into Sage’s Ravine which is formed by Sage’s Brook and runs west-east along the border of Connecticut and Massachusetts just north of Bear Mountain (Connecticut).

I thought there might be some nice ice there and I was right. This is one of many keepers from yesterday and I don’t have time to process them all now because we’re going back today before it rains tomorrow.

Incredible hike, amazing photo ops and the Ricoh GR performed in cold like a champ and I never had to take my glove liners off to use it.

Trees and sky reflected in Sage’s Brook

Trees and sky reflected in Sage's Ravine Brook

Connecticut/Massachusetts border, Appalachian Trail.

We went on a great hike from Bear Mountain, Connecticut to Mt. Race, Massachusetts, passing through Sage’s Ravine on the way. We’ve done it many times before but it never gets old, it’s a great hike. Nice reflections in the brook in Sage’s Ravine.