The Atlas Robot

This video has been making the rounds. If you missed it, it’s a mind blow.

Boston Dynamics has been releasing amazing videos of their various robots doing more and more things. This particular demo is the most amazing yet. Watch the arms when the robot jump-turns, they look so human-like it’s a bit scary.

Here’s the Boston Dynamics TED talk with a different robot, also impressive:

Robot making springs

An industrial robot (some might consider this a group of robots working together) making springs in multiple steps filmed in HD and put to music. The soundtrack really works well with the way this process is filmed.

I think the fact that I watched all of this full screen puts me on the spectrum (which spectrum I’m not sure). I love this stuff, both from an interest in industrial processes and the choreography of it all, thought up by some human using a computer no doubt, or maybe some robot using a human.

If you’re into this stuff, here’s some more at their YouTube channel: INDUSTRIAL JP 工場音楽レーベル.




Venice Beach, California. We took my 99+ year old mother on a “wheelchair” stroll down memory lane. Neither of us had walked along the walkway at Venice Beach in 30 years so it was time to see what it was all about.

To sum: we both loved it. I thought she’d fall asleep but she gawked at all the people, (so did I), the vendors selling crap, and scrunched her nose up every time we walked by someone smoking “medicinal marijuana” or wearing a bit too much patchouli oil.

Time warp for sure.

This was a standoff between a little white robot dog which was bucking and barking and a little white live dog who was, well, bucking and barking at it. A crowd gathered and between the action and the shadows it was crying out for a picture.