Robin Williams

RIP Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a genius who took huge risks in his work which made it fantastic. Depression or, maybe in his case depression on the down side of mania is something that seems to go with his kind of genius.

He got an Oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting but frankly, I think his best role was in Good Morning Vietnam.

And, let’s not forget The Fisher King and The Birdcage, two roles that used different parts of his rare talent for improvisation.

Dead Poet’s Society and Awakenings also come to mind as roles that showed off his unique genius for getting inside both the dialogue and the body language of very different characters.

For me, a fascinating question about creative geniuses like Robin Williams is, in oder for them to take the kinds of risks they do in their work, do they also need to take similar risks in their lives? In other words, can one be an improvisational genius on stage and live a relatively quiet life off stage?

Who knows?

I’m going to miss Robin Williams’ rare genius.