Robert MacNeil

Jim Lehrer retires from anchoring the PBS NewsHour

Jim Lehrer Retirement Announcement

For the past few years, Jim Lehrer who co-founded the PBS NewsHour with Robert MacNeil 35 years ago has been slowly but surely stepping back and having other members of the NewsHour team take his place as anchor. MacNeil left the program in a similar fashion many years ago but still helps produce it and no doubt Lehrer, who will show up on Friday nights to moderate the punditry of Brooks and Shields will continue to keep a hand in for many years to come.

Robert MacNeil on Jim Lehrer’s ‘Stealth’ Exit.

I’ve been watching the NewsHour for close to its entire 35 year run and Jim, Robin and the current team (as well as many team members who have moved on) are like family to me.

Here’s a nice history of the program: Jim Lehrer: The Video Highlights.

The PBS NewsHour is a national treasure, in no small part because of the honesty, humbleness, and journalistic integrity of Jim Lehrer.