Boats along a river in India

India. Point de fuite...

My flickr contact lalie sorbet posted this excellent landscape image of a small river in India taken with her Sony RX100 II.

It looks to me from the size of the boats that this river is emptying into a larger body of water; those are large boats for a river this shallow. Or, this river is low at the moment and she’s standing on river bottom as she takes this.

Rivers and their clouds

Rivers and their Clouds

Over the Midwest, US. Small clouds low to the ground in the mid-afternoon cast wonderful shadows which, seen from above make cloud photographs much more interesting. Over the years that I’ve been flying and looking out the window I’ve noticed that clouds seem to follow natural changes in the landscape: mountains, hills, and in this case, two small rivers. I wonder if this is coincidence or there’s some other piece that aligns these two visual but separate natural formations. These rivers are running close to north toward south which means the clouds are possibly perpendicular to the prevailing wind and weather which generally flows from west to east or northwest to south east.