ricoh grd

Travis Jensen


Street photographer Travis Jensen talks about how he works as he walks around San Francisco taking pictures. He has a very down to earth way about him, he uses small cameras (looks like a Ricoh GR series) and he makes exceptional images.

[via PetaPixel]

Photograph of a print of a photograph of sculpture

Photograph of a print of a photograph of sculpture

I just got a new camera and so, I’m walking around the house looking for fun things to shoot on a rainy day. I had an order for a 16×20″ print of this image I took of one of my friend Joy Brown’s work and the print is lying under the skylight drying. The Ricoh GRD IV has a high contrast black and white image setting so I figured I’d give that a go on this image. Oh boy, I hope we have a few more rainy days, this is going to be fun.



Just messing around with the S100. I was about to pull the trigger on the Ricoh GRD IV which is a great little camera as well but I’m having a hard time doing it because I’m so used to the S100 and it makes excellent images. This black and white was done in the camera. For those who are interested, the S100 has dropped in price considerably since its replacement was announced. The replacement (S110) is pretty much the same camera with a few new features including wifi (nice). I might just order a second (backup) S100 because I like it so much.