Inside Out

French photographer JR who I posted about in 2008 with his Women are Heroes Project has since received a TED Prize and gone on to a new project called “Inside Out” which the video above documents.

I’m curious about the printing process: it’s very fast, low resolution monochrome, and on thin paper. It would be fun to have a printer like that to make wrapping paper.

[via Uncrate]

Missing Cat Poster

Missing Cat Poster

I can relate to this in variety of ways:

  • As one who lost a cat and made posters (they worked, we got her back)
  • As one who’s been asked to do things and couldn’t sync with the person asking
  • As one who’s asked for help and couldn’t sync with the person helping
  • As one who both understands the emotional state the owner of a lost pet and also understands how that might look to someone who thinks its over the top
  • This is a metaphor for so many things: map it onto almost any miscommunication and it works. Fantastic.