Love, War, and the Magical Lamb-Brain Sandwiches of Aleppo, Syria


Ugh, the embed didn’t work but it’s worth clicking through and listening to anyway. This is a great story.

I’ll read anything Adam Davidson writes for The New Yorker and this is a story that takes place when he was covering the Iraq war for National Public Radio and took a vacation to Aleppo, Syria (before Syria fell apart) with his girlfriend and while there ate the best sandwich of his life.

Inside the making of Serial, season two

Inside the making of Serial, season two

This is a fascinating, behind the scenes look at how the Serial crew came up with their subject for season two written by Carl Swanson.

Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life hosted by Sarah Koenig.

Season one of Serial was the most successful podcast of all time (which it remains) and it was so effective that it got the case of Adnan Syed reopened in Baltimore, Maryland.

For more on Serial, see the Wikipedia entry: Serial (podcast).

For a list of interesting podcasts of the same type: The best factual podcasts.

The best factual podcasts

Kevin Kelley at Cool Tools has put together a great list of the best podcasts that are factual: both scripted and unscripted.

The best factual podcasts

I listen to a few of these, both as podcasts and as radio shows although podcasts allow time shipping so I can listen at my leisure.

This American Life is an NPR radio show that has a podcast form. It’s an amazing show, true stories told by a variety of people including the show’s host, Ira Glass.

If you missed Serial, a spinoff of This American Life, I highly recommend listening to it. It’s one of the most popular podcasts of all time and did more to tip this genre than any other single show. Its scripted and beautifully produced and its host Sarah Koenig digging into a murder that happened in 1999 in Baltimore.

Fresh Air is an example of an unscripted podcast: Terry Gross interviews various people. This is an NPR talk show that has a podcast form as well.

99% Invisible is an example of a scripted podcast: it’s about design in all of its various forms. It started as an NPR radio show but now is just a podcast. It’s one of my favorites.

RadioLab is another NPR show that has a podcast form. Scientific questions discussed. The audio style is very experimental which sometimes feels a bit contrived to me but the content and production is so good it’s not all that important.

On the Media is both an NPR radio show and a podcast that discusses media in all of its forms. Very well produced. Some of the show is interview and unscripted, some is scripted.

[via Kottke.org]

The Broadcast Clock

The Broadcast Clock

Click “Listen” under the credit.

This is a fascinating look behind the time structure of various National Public Radio shows.

99% Invisible is a podcast produced by Roman Mars and Sam Greenspan that covers the behind-the-scenes design elements that structures pieces of our world. Its sound will be familiar to NPR listeners but it’s not radio, it’s primarily produced as a podcast that sometimes gets edited for radio (more on this in The Broadcast Clock).

You can listen to it online or subscribe to the podcast. Lots of great Episodes.