photo booth

Richard and Anne stretched in a Photo Booth

Richard stretched in a Photo Booth

Leave it to me to brave new territory in making a fool out of myself. The thing is, Mac OS X Photo Booth is so much fun and will make you laugh so hard it’s worth it to humiliate yourself. I can see why Steve Jobs almost wet his pants during his last keynote when he demoed this.

Photo Booth is only bundled with new iMacs with built in iSight cameras now but at some point it will be de-coupled and sold. Until then there are copies floating around and one landed on me. I just happen to have an iSight camera. The rest is, well, you can see.

Hey, what's that smell?

Yes, Anne gave me permission to post this so don’t go crazy.

The thing that’s cool about the older iSight (and not the iMac with iSight built in) is that the camera is on a long firewire cable and you can take it where no video cam has gone before… aim it at your wife sitting on the couch and with a wireless setup, walk around the house and outside with it.

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