paradise lane

Reflection on Paradise Lane

Reflection on Paradise Lane

Paradise Lane Trail, Bear Mountain, Connecticut. I always stop at this little pool as we hike along Paradise Lane on the east side of Bear Mountain. Over many years it’s produced some amazing images, given how ordinary it seems.

Today it had a few pre-fall leaves floating on the surface, some sun-hot spots, and the reflected trees behind it and it looked spectacular. Lots of great detail that I thought might show up later.

Mountain Laurel on Paradise Lane

Mountain laurel on Paradise Lane

Paradise Lane Trail, Bear Mountain, Connecticut. Gary and I hiked from Undermountain Trail in Connecticut to the Race Brook Falls Trail in Massachusetts along the Appalachian Trail a few weeks ago (I’m behind in my photo editing).

This was not a good year for mountain laurel and these blooms along Paradise Lane were the best ones we saw on this hike. I liked the way the Ricoh GR made them look in high contrast but these are the GR’s RAWs processed in Lightroom. I liked the extra detail the RAW files gave me.

The color images are done with the Sony RX100 III and show the wonderful colors of this state plant of Connecticut.

Mountain laurel on Paradise Lane

Mountain laurel on Paradise Lane

Mountain laurel on Paradise Lane

Bubbles on Paradise Lane

Bubbles on Paradise Lane

Salisbury, Connecticut. Gary and I hiked up to Bear Mountain yesterday and while it was hot and humid there was still plenty of water running in streams including this small one on Paradise Lane.

I noticed some nice bubbled patterns as we cross the stream on slimy rocks and so, took my pack off and pulled out the GR to see if I could capture a few shots. The sun was in an odd place and there were hot spots everywhere and I worked hard to try to avoid them. Silly me, I love the hot spots in these images. Live and learn.

Bubbles on Paradise Lane

Oak leaves, reflected trees, rocks, and me

Oak leaves, reflected trees, rocks, and me

Salisbury, Connecticut. On Paradise Lane near my last self portrait reflection image.

Today we extended our Bear Mountain hike over Round Top to Mt. Frissel where we turned around and came back over Bear. Long hike for us (12 miles) and we were pretty wiped by the time we got back to my truck.

I like this image better than the first one, the rocks and oak leaves make it even more interesting.

Leaves in brook on Paradise Lane

Paradise Lane Brook reflection

Salisbury, Connecticut. Hiking up to Bear Mountain via Paradise lane brings us by this small brook which, when it has water in it almost always has an interesting reflection in this one spot. Today it had broken light and a bit of foam that showed the slow movement of the brook. The iPhone and Instagram caught it better than my S100.

Mountain Laurel on Paradise Lane

Mountain Laurel on Paradise Lane

Bear Mountain, Connecticut. The mountain laurel was in full bloom last week so we hiked up Bear Mountain by way of Paradise Lane where we knew there was a load of it. I’m hoping the rain we just had hasn’t knocked the buds off, I’d love to return just to walk through it all again.