I Wrap You

This is brilliant.

I Wrap You is a mall-based wrapping paper printing company that will take a snap of you and make wrapping paper out of it on the spot. Only available at that Plaza Ginza shopping center in Tokyo, Japan but hey, it’s a good enough idea so I hope it comes to the US.

I’ve been doing something like it for years: I use prints that didn’t work out as wrapping paper but alas, they’re on heavy cotton rag which isn’t great for wrapping gifts. The idea of printing on wrapping paper is brilliant. Makes me wish I’d bought a higher-end Epson printer that took roll paper. I could buy brown or white wrapping paper on a roll and print on it.

[via PetaPixel]

Fruit and vegetable paper

Carrot Paper

Carrot Paper

I’ve been collecting handmade paper for many years now and recently I found some amazing paper made out of cross sections of thinly sliced vegetables and fruit. This is very thin and translucent paper with the consistency of parchment and I’m totally in love with the patterns and colors it makes when pressed in this form.

I hung it so as to back light it with natural light from a skylight although if I had a light table that would have worked too.

Carrot Paper

Carrot Paper Closeup

Kiwi Paper

Kiwi Paper
Kiwi Paper Closeup

Orange Paper

Orange Paper Closeup