Kyrgyz along the Karakoram Highway

Kyrgyz along the Karakoram Highway

My flickr contact ChoongChing posted this amazing image of Kyrgyz children along the Karakoram Highway taken with his Ricoh GR.

The Karakoram Highway (KKH) is one of the world’s most scenic mountain roads. It connects Xinjiang region of China and Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan.

Halfway through the journey, we made a stop at a small Kyrgyz settlement. A group of Kyrgyz children spotted us and ran towards our vehicle. One of them tried to sell us some souvenirs while the rest just stood there smiled at us.

The vast dirt emptiness of its surroundings left us in awe. “These are some of the toughest humans on Earth!”, says Asthon from Melbourne.

Lesson, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

Lesson - Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

My flickr contact Maciej Dakowicz has captured an intimate scene in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan.

Note the framing of this image, with the face coming in from the left edge of the frame. Also note the state of the books and of course, the fourth boy in the back left. Maciej is an expert at framing and capturing scenes like these.

Note: One of the many reasons I love Flickr is that I have contacts and connections in all corners of the world. The images that these folks post are not put through a photojournalism filter, they’re just scenes from lives in different places. It’s brilliant and I’ve been watching many of these feeds for close to ten years. Flickr remains my very favorite social network and the only one I take seriously.

Using an RC Helicopter to film a Trango Towers expedition

The Trango Towers are a group of spectacular rock spires in the Karakoram Range in northwest Pakistan. In this video a radio controlled drone helicopter is used to film the approach and climbing. This is incredible footage shot in a very remote corner of the world.

Here’s another video that contains some of the same footage and more of the actual climbing.

[via Devour]