Timber frame shop

Clover Compound

Clover Compound

Wassaic, New York.

I have three friends who run a timber frame business just over the state line in New York. I’ve taken pictures in their shop over many years; it’s the type of shop that has so much stuff lying around, all sorts of machines, tools, wood pieces, and frankly, crap, that it’s mind blowing.

This day they were working on a large project that will get shipped out of state. They were finishing timber frame pieces and loading them into large boxes they built that will then get stacked in a large shipping container and trucked to the job. It’s a fascinating logistical process.

My problem is, they’re my friends so I end up talking with them a lot and not snooping around looking for interesting images.

These images are place markers to remind me to get back there to do some more serious shooting.


Cups (upside down on a machine handle)

Roller balls

Roller balls (for guiding boards into a planer)

Glassware in the sun

Glassware in the sun

Warren, Connecticut. I unloaded the dish rack onto the kitchen work table and came back a half hour later and the sun was pouring through the kitchen window creating a wonderful high contrast moment. Grabbed the Ricoh GR and took a few shots.

One has to learn to find lighting and contrast situations that lend themselves to this kind of shooting and no doubt I’ll be overdoing it for a while as I experiment to figure this out. It sure is a fun process though and its getting me much more actively involved experimenting with my photography, something I’ve been missing for a while now.

Glassware in the sun



Just messing around with the S100. I was about to pull the trigger on the Ricoh GRD IV which is a great little camera as well but I’m having a hard time doing it because I’m so used to the S100 and it makes excellent images. This black and white was done in the camera. For those who are interested, the S100 has dropped in price considerably since its replacement was announced. The replacement (S110) is pretty much the same camera with a few new features including wifi (nice). I might just order a second (backup) S100 because I like it so much.