New Preston

Lake Waramaug fireworks scouting trip

Lake Waramaug fireworks scouting trip

New Preston, Connecticut. It was so muggy today I felt like I was shooting through mist but I walked up here to scout out this location for shooting the 4th of July fireworks this friday night. Got totally soaked in sweat. Ugh.

The fireworks will come from the first point just left of the center of the frame and I wanted to see which lenses I might want to use from up here. Here is the view of the same point from our town beach, just off the right side of this frame from a few years ago. I could certainly set up there again, no problem and a heck of a lot easier than hiking up here, waiting until 9:30 pm – 10:00 pm, shooting the show, then walking (stumbling) down in the dark with a flashlight. I know the 4 mile round trip trail pretty well but I’ve never done it at night. Oh boy, an adventure.

Anyway, tripod, 24-70, 70-200, remote shutter release, read notes from last time when I was a bit, shall we say, inebriated.

This is a better shot of the same view, for what it’s worth.