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OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

The group OK Go has produced a great music video with the release of their song “I Won’t Let You Down.” There are so many great visual techniques used in it and it’s so beautifully choreographed, whether you like their music or music videos in general it’s well worth watching.

Zoom it out, turn it up if you can handle it.

OK Go on Wikipedia.

[via The Verge]

Electronic Istanbul (not Constantinople)

They Might Be Giants isn’t a group I follow or listen to although I know they’re quite popular. Somehow I love the names “Istanbul” and “Constantinople.” Don’t know why but I’ve head them rattling around in my head since I was a kid; my father’s mother came through Constantinople on her way to the US so I first heard the name as a kid no doubt. This is great stuff, love all of their gizmos and fun.